Retrieving for All Occasions

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Retrieving for All Occasions - Study Guide

Do you have a gun dog and want to have a great time working with your dog and perhaps enter a field trial? Do you want to find a training method where your dog has just as much fun as you do? Do you want to learn how to combine clicker training and field trial training?

If so, this is the book for you. Retrieving for All Occasions is an accessible and inspiring book about how you can use the clicker training philosophy in your gun dog training. The book describes an approach to gun dog training that will challenge you to try something new – if you have the desire and will to do so. This book includes over 100 exercises to train a talented spaniel or retriever. The exercises are for introductory field trial classes for spaniels and retrievers, but this book is also useful for those who have pointers or setters and want to train them for gun dog work.

Elsa Blomster and Lena Gunnarsson are dog training instructors in Gothenburg, Sweden, and base all their training on the clicker training philosophy. They train and compete with their spaniels and retrievers in obedience, agility, rally obedience, tracking, and field trials.

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Klickerförlaget Göteborg AB




Jenny Nyberg


Johanna Simonsson


Elsa Blomster, Lena Gunnarsson


Elsa Blomster, Lena Gunnarsson


Jenny Nyberg

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3 recensioner av Retrieving for All Occasions

  1. Susanne Lindberg

    “So inspiring! I’ve said before that I bought the book that I didn’t think existed – Retrieving for All Occasions. Here follows a short review. The book holds so much. It really holds everything.

  2. A Frame of Min Dog Training

    This book is pretty exciting – the authors do compete in some types of field events and work with many student dogs – giving them more experience than many who have authored some of the other positive reinforcement based field training resources currently available. The book is laid out very well, lots of pictures and diagrams and checklists to help readers work through the huge quantity of information. Field training usually seems impossible/too big of a task, but this book makes it seem very achievable and fun.

  3. Tedsam’s blog

    Retrieving for All Occasions – You know that book that “everyone” is talking about and that “everyone is raving about”.

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